About Countryfield


Countryfield, the brand with attractive items for trendy home decoration. Robust and stylish  for every living room, but also for outside in the garden, in the conservatory or on the patio.


With the home decoration of Countryfield  you turn your house into a home. Countryfield has stylish trendsetters in the assortment. Comfortable chairs, industrial lamps, raw organizers, combined with trendy windlights made of glass or beautiful,high quality natural materials, environmental friendly candles and delicious scents that create the special feeling of coming home. In short, this is the  collection for the true fan of modern and stylish living.

Countryfield also has a large and diverse assortment of Christmas items. Whether you like a traditional atmosphere with green and red colors, or a winterish ambiance with white and blue schemes or the rich majestic spheres with red/pink and gold, Countryfield has it all!

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