I am a company and I would like to start selling Countryfield items.

You can contact Countryfield by using the contact form. It is very important to fill in all blanks. After that you will be contacted to discuss the possibilities.

Where can I buy Countryfield items?

With the Store Locator you can find the nearest dealer of Countryfield items.

The item that I see on the website is not available in the nearest shop.

Every shop sells its own selection of Countryfield items. You can always ask in the shop if the item can be ordered at the Countryfield supplier.

Can I buy Countryfield items on the website?

It is not possible to buy Countryfield items on this website.

How can I contact Countryfield?

You can contact Countryfield by using the contact form.

I have a complaint about a Countryfield item.

You can contact the shop where you have bought the item. Complaints that are sent by using the contact form are not taken into consideration.

Is Countryfield on Social Media?

Yes! Follow us through this link on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!